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The accessories listed below are available for Neuronavigation  TMS and EMG.

Head Support 
The mounted head support with a well-considered design and a robust structure is a must-have for your TMS lab. It consists of a chin rest, a forehead rest and a magnetic field transmitter pad, ensuring stable and undistorted navigation. The head support is ideal for behavioral TMS experiments, often performed in psychology or neuroscience laboratories. During such experiments, research participants have to watch stimuli on a screen and perform a task, while the TMS coil is precisely targeted at a brain region using the Neural Navigator. Our head support is ideal for that: a PC screen and a keypress response device can easily be placed in front of the head support. For more information, click here.

TMS coils
We offer multiple options of TMS coils including:

Ring Coils Figure-of-eight coils Double cone coils
100 mm RC-02-100 ring coil 50 mm FEC-02-50 figure-of-eight coil 125 mm DCC-02-125 double cone coil
150 mm RC-02-150 ring coil 100 mm FEC-02-100 figure-of-eight coil 125 mm AFEC-03-125-C cooled double cone
125 mm RC-03-125 ring coil 100 mm FEC-03-100 figure-of-eight coil  
150 mm RC-02-150C cooled ring coil 100 mm FEC-02-100-C
cooled figure-of-eight coil
  100 mm AFEC-02-100 angulated figure-of-eight coil  
  100 mm AFEC-02-100-C cooled angulated figure-of-eight coil  
  100 mm AFEC-02-100-C-P
cooled angulated figure-of-eight coil (placebo)
  100 mm AFEC-02-100-P angulated figure-of-eight coil (placebo)


  100 mm FEC-02-100-P figure-of-eight coil placebo)  

EMG electrodes
Several EMG electrodes are available for our NavMEP package.

Surface electrode with cable SE-1

Ground electrode with cable Cup electrode with cable (white, 1 m)

Cup electrode for surface electrode "SE-1"

Cable for disposable electrode: Alligator clip touch-proof Cup electrode with cable (5 pcs., 1 m)
Bar electrode (adult) BE-2 Reusable concentric EMG needle electrode D1216 Cup electrode with cable (8 pcs., 1 m)
Bar electrode (pediatric) BE-1 Disposable concentric EMG needle electrode B50600 Cup electrode with cable (for limb movement recording, white, 3 m)
Cable for disposable NCS electrodes Disposable hypodermic EMG needle electrode L2575 Reusable cup electrode with cable C1234 (silver, d = 10 mm, l - 1m)
Ring electrode (narrow) with cable RE-1 Reusable cable for concentric needle electrode D60451  
Ring electrode (narrow) for "RE-1" Cable for surface, ring EMG electrodes  

Ring electrode (wide) RE-2

Ring electrode (wide) for "RE-2" Cable for OAE probe connection  


  • Coil positioning tool
  • Hydraulic system adapter
  • Hydraulic adapter (for 2 coils connection)

We offer telephone support, on-site user training by our clinical specialists, full day on-site installation by our experienced support staff,  and email and web support

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