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Animal rTMS coil

The TMS stimulator in combination with the first fully validated rodent active cooled figure-of-eight TMS coil is the only system specially designed for rodent experiments. Based on years of experience and testing, the system is rated for unilateral single pulse and repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation protocols. The solution incorporates dynamic liquid cooling to ensure that one can perform long sessions uninterrupted and generates sufficient magnetic field to reliably evoke response

The rodent TMS coil has the optimal size (25mm for a coil winding) allowing focused unilateral stimulation. This size is based upon the finite element model of a rodent brain. We developed a rat TMS coil based on this specification and were able to succesfully validate the rat TMS coil.

The rat TMS coil has a strong magnetic field sufficient to evoke reliable response. Experimental validation confirmed that the cooled rat coil can reliably and robustly produce unitletal motor evoked potentials. Moreover the dynammic liquid cooling allows to perform long sessions on high stimulation frequencies. 

For additional information on the rodent TMS coil, please read the validation study article

Stimulation Frequency Train Interpulse interval (IPI) Pulse intensity Number of pulses
10 Hz 50 pulses / 5 s 55 s 80% >1200
5 Hz 60 pulses / 12 s 48 s 70% >1200
1 Hz - 80% >1200


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