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Complete solution: diagnostic TMS+ "Navigated MEP"

This complete solution contains the diagnostic TMS + EMG setup from Neurosoft, the Neural Navigator Navigated MEP software and tracking unit, and the reclining patient chair. You do not need anything else to start mapping muscles with TMS and visualize evoked muscle EMG on the brain surface. The TMS, EMG and navigation solution is a co-development of Neurosoft and Brain Science Tools BV, and integration is seamless. You do not need trigger cables or complicated configurations, this solution just works. This solution is cleared by the FDA for general purpose motor mapping in clinical use in the USA , CE certified for clinical use in the EU, and cleared for clinical use in Australia and Brazil.

How does it work
Transcranial magnetic stimulation induces electrical currents in the brain non-invasively, which excite nerve cells and consequently produces action potentials. A motor evoked potential (MEP) can be registered if an electromyography (EMG) is recorded at the moment of stimulation. The Neural Navigator in its latest release (Navigated MEP) can exactly determine where the TMS coil evokes the strongest field, and visualize the MEP properties at that location on the brain surface. That way, maps of muscle-controling brain regions in the motor cortex can be created of up to 8 muscles at a time. With the use of this approach cerebral, spinal and peripheral pathways can be studied. Such tests are especially important for studying patients with brain damage after stroke or surgical procedures, or suffering from demyelinating diseases of the nervous system.

The Neural Navigator makes use of electromagnetic position tracking. Click here for more information and the benefits of electromagnetic position tracking.

A list of publications by labs using the Neural Navigator can be found on this page.

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