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Depression treatment in 3 minutes

With our Neuro-MS/D transcranial magnetic stimulator and the accompanying Neuro-MS.NET software, the time needed for a single treatment session of a major depressive disorder is reduced from 37 minutes to only 3 minutes. 

The new feature was released after clinical tests performed by Blumberger et al., (2018) in leading research hospitals in Canada showed that iTBS was non-inferior to 10Hz rTMS for the treatment of patients with treatment-resistant depression. Both types of treatment had a low number of dropouts and showed similar side-effects, safety, and tolerability profiles. However, the use of iTBS is faster and the number of patients treated per day can be increased several times without compromising clinical effectiveness. 

The 3-minute treatment protocol is now available in the Neuro-MS.NET software in addition to the standard (37 minutes) and the 19 minutes protocols for depression treatment. 

We provide this exciting new treatment device in the Netherlands. Get more information on the Neuro-MS/D TMS system here and obtain a quote!