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The Neural Navigator: Navigation for many brands of TMS

TMS requires coil placement over a brain region with millimeter accuracy. No two brains are alike; therefore coil placement based on head shape alone (‘5 cm rule’) is often ineffective. An increasing number of clinicians use individual MRI scans to accurately guide the TMS coil to its goal. ‘Neuronavigation’ is the technical solution allowing MRI guided TMS coil placement. The "Neural Navigator" offered by Brain Science Tools BV is designed to accurately navigate a TMS coil to a brain region. The Neural Navigator makes use of electromagnetic position tracking, adopts a well validated registration technology and has been rigorously tested on human participants and with computer simulations. The software has an easy to follow workflow for MRI image import, brain segmentation and the creation of stimulation targets in the brain, and for performing 3D guided Neuronavigation in real time with a handy remote control.

The Neural Navigator has been actively used since 2004 in many labs around the world. Our Neural Navigator is affordable, easy to use and mobile. It can be transported in a small suitcase.

The Neural Navigator is CE certified for clinical use in the European Union and cleared by the FDA for clinical use in the United States of America. It is also approved for for clinical use by Health Canada, the TGA in Australia, and InMetro and Anvisa in Brazil.

The Neural Navigator in its 'Essentials' variant is compatible with many brands of TMS stimulators. We have fitted and tested tracking sensor clamps for most coils from Neurosoft, MagStim, and Magventure, and are happy to produce a custom fit for other TMS brands.

For additional information on our Neural Navigator "Essentials" package, please download the Navigated (r)TMS "Essentials" package brochure

A list of publications by labs using the Neural Navigator can be found on this page.

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