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Neural Navigator V3.3 released!

Our newest release version of the Neural Navigator software has officially been released for research use! After a lot of hard work from our engineers we are very proud to announce this new version. The software has been improved in many respects and is now easier to use, faster, and better looking!

The software upgrade includes many changes. The workflow has been improved and additionally we are now making use of MNI brain to subject MRI coregistration, which makes automatic placement of markers and brain targets possible. This decreases the time needed to prepare a neuronavigation session and therefore is an important addition to our system. The system also has an improved fMRI map activation map visualization and an improved user interface in general. Within a couple of weeks we will be ready to receive certification for clinical use as well! 

We are really happy and proud to release this new version of our Neural Navigator software and are of course keen to keep upgrading our system. A big complement to our engineering team and on to version 3.4!