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Neuron-Spectrum: TMS compatible digital EEG system

The Neuron-Spectrum 61-65 of Neurosoft are EEG systems with a range of 11-39 channels. These advanced EEG systems will comply with all your requests and is the perfect solution of all your needs. The system offers you a great amount of options such as routine EEG, long-term video EEG monitoring (LTM), evoked potentials (EP), Polysomnography (PSG), invasive EEG, cerebral function monitoring (CFM), and brainfeedback (BFB).

This EEG amplifier is compatible with TMS, and compensates completely for electromagnetic artifacts induced by TMS.

Each system has color-coded impedance indicators on the amplifier inputs, which makes it easy to monitor the impedance quality of electrodes and reposition the electrodes if necessary. With just one press of the button on the front panel of the devise the mode can be changed and a special indicator will show if the device is in the acquisition mode of impedance measurement mode. 

During EEG analysis the spikes, sharp waves, and epileptiform discharges are detected automatically in the Neuron-Spectrum.NET software. High-quality EEG is ensured with trace smoothing and the advanced navigation facilities provide fast acces to any fragment of EEG trace. Records can be analyzed with state-of-the-art analysis techniques which are implemented in the software: rhytm wave amplitude analysis, spectral and bispectral analysis, correlation and coherent analysis, wavelet-analysis, periodometric analysis, indepent component analysis (ICA).