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Our 5 year Birthday Party!

In 2011, November 17, Brain Science Tools BV was founded. On the same day, exactly 5 years later, we received funding for our new project from the Rabo Preseed Fund! Also, we were recently recertified for another 3 years as an ISO13485 compliant company. Finally, we do better every year and are now a recognized brand in the field.

With so much to celebrate, we invited our colleages, friends, associates and affiliates and the entire UtrechtInc community for a party in our incubator on November 24. We had a really good time with all our guests until late, and are proud that our champagne bottle is now part of the monumental "Wall of Champagne" at UtrechtInc, where companies who met their milestones are honoured.

We thank everyone who supported us over the 5 last years, we hope you will keep working with us for the coming 5 years as well. We thank Utrecht Holdings for their unabated support, the UtrechtInc staff and fellow entrepeneurs for sharing their wisdom and joy, and everyone who celebrated with us November 24th! 

The Brain Science Tools team