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Version 3.1 released for reseach use!

We are proud to announce, after several years of development, testing and trials, that the new version 3.1 of the Neural Navigator is released as of today! This project was undertaken together with Neurosoft, our trusted collaboration partner for TMS and EMG technology.

The Neural Navigator in its latest release v3.1 integrates signals from a Neurosoft TMS and EMG device during MRI guided neuronavigation of the TMS coil. By analyzing these signals in real time, the Neural Navigator can visualize EMG response in the muscles evoked by TMS on the motor cortex: the motor evoked potential, or MEP. Neurosoft TMS and EMG products are also available through us for Dutch customers.

The end result is a map of color coded locations on the brain surface, representing which muscles are controlled from a certain area on the brain surface.

Such maps can be constructed for 8 muscles at once when using an 8 channel EMG device. With the use of this approach cerebral, spinal and peripheral pathways can be studied. Such tests are especially important for studying patients with brain damage after stroke or surgical procedures, or suffering from demyelinating diseases of the nervous system.

As of today, this new version 3.1 of the Neural Navigator with EMG capabilities is available for research use under the name "Navigated MEP". Version 3.1 will also remain available in the "Essentials" version for high precision MRI guided TMS as our customers came to rely on. Click the aforementioned links to visit these 2 new spins of The Neural Navigator for more information, and request a quote now!