Navigated TMS for neurosurgical planning

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a means to non-invasively evoke activity in a cortical region. In combination with MRI-guided neuronavigation and electromyography (EMG), our navigated TMS setup can be used to non-invasively identify the functional motor area prior to surgery. When this data is transferred to the frameless stereotactic neuronavigation devices the surgeons use, this information is an indispensable tool for tumor removal by neurosurgeons. A neurosurgeon can then decide where the brain tumor is located exactly and which tissue should be removed from the brain while leaving the healthy brain tissue with functional activity unharmed. The complete solution for surgical planning is available for investigational use. Get in touch to discuss the possibilities of collaborating in a study with us!

Navigated TMS for neurosurgical planning

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