Neural Navigator Upgrade

Recently, we released another upgrade of our Neural Navigator. This upgrade contains a lot of new features and improvements to existing ones.

New features include:

  • New workflow available for accurate reproduction of previous TMS coil placements using an MNI-template or an individual MRI scan. For more information, click here.
  • Fully automated brain segmentation (manual segmentation is still supported)
  • Secure fetching of DICOM images from a hospital PACS system
  • MEP motor mapping using an MNI-template and post-hoc registration with an individual MRI acquired at a later stage


  • Fully automatic navigation preparation, including automatic facial marker placement, automatic DLPFC (and other treatment locations) labelling in an individual MRI for easy targeting.
  • Improved communication with EMG devices
  • Better monitoring of sensor quality
  • Support for many more TMS coil brands and models

This Neural Navigator upgrade includes a whole new automated workflow for neuronavigation and brings ease of use to a whole new level.

16 Aug 2022

Neural Navigator Upgrade