Neuron-Spectrum-64: 25 channel EEG

The Neuron-Spectrum-64 EEG device features 25 EEG channels, dedicated ECG, and EOG channels and 6 additional differential channels. In combination iwth video equipment, the Neuron-Spectrum-64 is recommended for long-term video EEG monitoring.

Neuron-Spectrum-64: 25 channel EEG

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25 EEG channels, dedicated ECG and EOG channels, 6 additional differential channels

Neuron-Spectrum-64 electronic unit features 25 EEG channels, dedicated ECG and EOG channels and 6 additional differential channels that can work both in AC and DC modes.

Continuous synchronous video recording using up to 3 network cameras* 

Synchronous video EEG monitoring from up to 3 cameras simultaneously can be performed for several days or even weeks. The long-term video EEG monitoring is a more informative method if compared to routine EEG as it increases the probability of detecting epileptiform discharges and seizures due to the longer period of the examination.

Mobile configuration for intensive care units

Mobile configuration of the system is especially demanded in intensive care units. The trolley with the system on it can be easily relocated within the unit and stay immovable during the examination thanks to the castors with a reliable locking mechanism. Height-adjustable shelf, a basket for accessories and consumables enhance the convenience when using the trolley. If the system is connected to the hospital network, the distant monitoring of the examination is possible.

Electrode caps for continuous EEG recording

The special electrode caps with built-in electrodes are a perfect choice for long-term EEG monitoring. There is no need to use adapters or other devices, just connect the cap to the standard connector on the EEG system. Our systems are delivered with a special extension cable for the electrode cap so that the patients feel comfortable and move freely within the room during the examination.

Powerful tools for data analysis

The intuitive interface and flexibility of Neuron-Spectrum.NET software assure effective and flawless work as it can be adjusted according to the user specific needs.

During EEG analysis the spikes, sharp waves, epileptiform discharges are detected and marked automatically in Neuron-Spectrum.NET software. The excellent trace display quality is achieved by applying the cutting-edge smoothing technologies. The user-friendly solution for quick navigation throughout the entire EEG record streamlines the visual analysis.

The advanced tools for mathematical analysis of EEG are provided as well: amplitude, spectral and bispectral analysis, correlation and coherent analysis, wavelet-analysis, periodometric analysis, independent component analysis (ICA) are always available in all software configurations.

* the camera is not included in the delivery set and is purchased separately

Video EEG monitoring

Neuron-Spectrum-64 provides synchronous long-term video and EEG monitoring even for several days. The high-quality EEG signal and frame-accurate video synchronization are guaranteed. You can also connect the recording unit to a local area network (LAN) to place the patient in one room, and the analysis and data processing unit to …

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Video EEG monitoring