Paired pulse TMS system

This system consists of two monophasic TMS units that operate in a coupled way, allowing the discharge of the two units separated in time by only a few miliseconds. Paired-pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation (ppTMS) has been shown to be a useful tool to study the excitatory and inhibitory interactions in the human motor cortex. ppTMS can be performed with one or two coils. Thanks to 2800 V capacitor, which is 60% more robust than our previous generation of capacitors, the TMS unit fires more powerful monophasic stimulus. It allow obtaining good EMG response at low intensities. Measures such as SICI and LICI (Short-interval and long-interval intracortical inhibition) can be easily obtained and analyzed automatically using the Neuro-MEP software.

Paired pulse TMS system

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High power monophasic pulse

Thanks to the 2800 V capacitor, the Neuro-MS TMS unit fires more powerful monophasic pulses. It ensures good motor response at low intensities. The peak magnetic field of Neuro-MS/D reaches 4 T, one of the highest values in the industry.

Pulse shape

The shape of the TMS pulse generated by this TMS stimulator is monophasic. Monophasic pulse shapes are better suited for diagnostic application of TMS, as the ensuing motor evoked potential signal is cleaner and easier to interpret.

Delayed charging mode

While working together with a digital EMG system a delay for the capacitor charge start is set in the single pulse mode to avoid noise influence from the power supply unit during the acquisition. The range of the delay is 0–9.9 seconds.

Connection to computer via USB port

Neuro-MS/D can be used together with neurophysiological systems made by Neurosoft. Just connect the magnetic stimulator to the computer with installed EMG or EEG software via an USB port.