Skybox: 5 channel portable EMG, NCS and EP system

Skybox is a new 5-channel all-in-one EMG device: an EMG amplifier, two electrical stimulators, an audio-visual stimulator and a dedicated keyboard for full control of stimulation all-in-one compact, lightweight box. Due to its innovative circuits for sophisticated filtering, noise suppression and stimulus artifact reduction signal quality is excellent. The built-in electrical stimulators (two outputs per stimulator) can be configured for both unipolar as well as bipolar waveforms. The built-in auditory-visual stimulators has outputs to connect a pattern monitor, LED goggles for VEP and headphones. The auditory stimulator features click and tone waveforms. Together with the software it forms a complete for EMG, NCS and EP applications

Skybox: 5 channel portable EMG, NCS and EP system

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  • Instant EMG acquisition
  • Multi-modality EP in base delivery set
  • EMG according to International standards
  • Portable, can be powered by notebook